Why First One Capital

Here at First One Capital we make it our Priority to maximize the amount of money that you receive no matter what the purpose of the loan.

15 Reasons Why to Choose First One Capital

  1. We do not charge any upfront fees.
  2. There is absolutely no risk to you if we do not obtain financing for you. You are not committed to move forward with the loan. If for any reason you do not accept the funds that we provide, there is no fee: No strings attached!
  3. We have the largest network of lenders available in the industry.
  4. The faster you get your money, the faster we get our fee. At First One Capital we want you to receive the money. Your success, is our success.
  5. By using First One Capital, you will not be obligated to put your assets at risk.
  6. Our expert staff has the knowledge that will get your needs funded if it possible at all to obtain the financing.
  7. With First One Capital credit lines/loans/ purchase of receivables you can use the money for whatever purpose without having to file monthly reports i.e. SBA loans.
  8. Lenders are constantly changing their lending criteria, and with First One Capital at your side, our extensive knowledge will get you to the right lender at the right time.
  9. You will not waste your time going through application processes only to find that you will need to use your home as collateral (Also known as the bait and switch).
  10. Our lenders will not Blanket (put a lien on) your inventory or equipment making it impossible to dispose of unwanted items or leaving your business technologically out of date.
  11. Most lenders can be intimidating. Our expert staff is here to guide and help you through the entire borrowing process.
  12. Our lenders do not require business plans or other forms of documentation.
  13. We have the inside track when it comes to obtaining loans, not only knowing what to say but knowing what not to say; this avoids loans being declined when done by the common folk.
  14. Our process is entirely electronic. Therefore you spend time running your business and doing what you do best, while we do what we do best… getting you the funds that you require.
  15. First One Capital knows, based on a number of factors, which lenders will give you the best rate available and financing terms that are compatible with your requirements.